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Paengmok-hang Harbor Updated: 2014-04-20 15:08:59 KST

Paengmok-hang Harbor
Let's go live to our Yoo Li-an. She is at Paengmok-hang Harbor - just 20 kilometers from where the Sewol-ho ferry capsized and the focal point of search and rescue operations.
Li-an, there are an increasing number of bodies being retrieved we are seeing the **death toll rise by the hour but no change in the the number of survivors.

You're right. Unfortunately Connyoung the death toll is rising by the hour.

The latest number we had was 56, and the rescue team here is trying to identify the bodies.
Dozens of bodies have been recovered from the vessel since last night.
That was when the rescue team here was able to break into the windows to gain access into the cabins.
There are special tents set up behind me where DNA samples are being taken from the bodies here at the harbor,.. and from here they are being directly moved to nearby hospitals.
Unfortunately there was tragic news this morning.
The navy has confirmed that a navy officer has died yesterday.
He hit his head during rescue operations on Wednesday,.. after which he was transferred to the hospital.
He fell into coma,.. and unfortunately died yesterday.

What many of us here in the country as well as all around the world are keen on finding out is the progress of efforts there.
Bring **us up to speed on the search and rescue operations currently taking place.

Another two underwater drones will be arriving here at the Pengmok-hang harbor Sunday night along with two U.S. technical experts to lend support to the ongoing rescue operations.
Also, a total of five guidelines, which divers can use to get to the ship have been attached to the Sewol-ho ferry.
With the new routes into the ferry secured, the divers can all simultaneously carry out rescue operations.
The emergency headquarters here says they have over 560 divers carrying out an all-out rescue and search operations today, along with 204 vessels and 34 aircraft.
The weather is clear down here right now and the tides pretty low at just about 1 meter, so the conditions are improving here for rescue operations.

We're all holding out hope for some good news, which has been so hard to come by in recent days here in Korea.
Our Yoo Li-an, reporting live from Paengmok-hang Harbor near the ferry disaster site.
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