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Families' unbearable wait at Jindo Indoor Auditorium continues for fifth day Updated: 2014-04-20 17:23:12 KST

Families' unbearable wait at Jindo Indoor Auditorium continues for fifth day
Since Wednesday for five days now many of the family members of the missing have been camping out at an auditorium nearby the accident site.
They have stayed at the gym where families sleep on the open floor, on top of blankets in the stuffy gym.
Our Kwon Soa has also been with them and we connect to her live now.
Soa, what's the situation there like?

Representatives of the families of the missing people briefed the families in the auditorium on demands they made concerning rescue operations.
They said shuttle buses from the auditorium to the Paengmok-hang harbor will now run every 20 minutes instead of 30.
Also that ships will be provided for families who wish to get closer to the rescue operations themselves.
Prime Minister Chung Hong-won was scheduled to talk to the families of the missing here in the Jindo Indoor Auditorium, however he has not made appearance inside the gym, but instead held a closed door meeting with family representatives, discussing the pulling out of the Sewol-ho ferry by the use of cranes.
Overnight families and friends of the missing went out into the streets in anger directed at the government, shouting that they would go to the presidential office of Cheong Wa Dae to air their grievances, but they were held back by police from leaving.
Prime Minister Chung came to the site a bit past 2:40 a.m. to control the situation but found himself in a row with the families for around 3 hours.

The wait must be unbearable, as it wears down the families and friends of the victims.
5 days. That's how long some of them have been spending sleepless nights in the auditoriujm.
Soa, how are they holding up?

The families have been going through tons of emotions here at the Jindo Indoor Auditorium. It seems like many of them are now too exhausted to even shed tears
Many of them are just staring blankly into two television screens one showing the rescue operations, one the news
and the descriptions of the recovered body, including their gender, height, clothing, shoes, and other features, which are provided to them as well.
Earlier two high school girls started to cry aloud when a description matched with their family or friend.
Some people have been passing out and they were rushed out on stretchers
Medical personnel are on 24-hour standby here, and I talked to one of the doctors, who said most families come for therapy or to measure their blood pressure.
The days of waiting are becoming more and more painful for the families here at the Jindo Indoor Auditorium as hope is fading.

Thank you Soa, that was our Kwon Soa reporting live from theJindo Indoor Auditorium where families have been waiting for their loved ones to return for five days now.
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