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No news of survivors: Families of the missing at Paengmok Port Updated: 2014-04-20 11:17:32 KST

No news of survivors: Families of the missing at Paengmok Port
Now with the death toll rising and the recovery of bodies picking up speed this morning the families of the missing passengers are in more despair.
Arirang News' Song Ji-sun joins us in the studio.

Ji-sun, the relatives of the missing down on Jindo Island have spent days and nights in deep despair but with time ticking on and no news of any more survivors, they appear to have been reaching an emotional breaking point.

We can't imagine the pain these parents must be going through.
When news breaks that a body has been recovered and brought on shore, parents of the missing rush to the port to find out whether the victims were their children.
Although the divers have succeeded in entering the ferry, parents don't understand why it has taken them this long.
Their disappointment and despair has, in many cases, turned to anger.
After making a public announcement demanding that the government pick up the pace of its search efforts, some victims' parents have been protesting in Jindo since dawn Sunday but about an hour ago they have agreed to talk with prime minister Chung Hong-won for their requests.

Although the families are still hoping for a miracle they're also preparing for the possibility that their children do not return alive. And their physical and emotional conditions are also worsening by the day.

That's right.
On Saturday, the family members started giving DNA samples to expedite and improve the accuracy of identifying the victims.
That's because some bodies were not identified correctly.
In one case, a body was transported all the way to Ansan then was brought back to the accident area because it was later confirmed the female was not an Danwon high school student.
The physical and mental condition of the families is a big concern with several have already been hospitalized.
Many fainted also while identifying the victims with a father suffering a stroke on Saturday. All medical services and staffs are on standby to treat possible survivors as well as their families.

It must be a very tough and emotionally challenging situation for the parents.
With that in mind, it seems that the parents are divided on whether to lift the ferry out of the water or not

That's right. Now we should note that the Sewol-ho ferry has been completely submerged now for around two full days.
This because oil from the Sewol-ho ferry is leaking and the oil was, in part, what was keeping the ferry at least a tad afloat, since oil is lighter than water.
The volume of air pockets is also calculated to reduce as the ship sinks deeper down due to pressure further reducing the chance of survival for those that may be alive on board.
While families of the missing still put rescue operations as their first priority, the families are divided on when to lift the vessel using cranes because that would mean the end of rescue efforts and the beginning of a recovery operation.
Authorities have announced that they will not go ahead with the process without the full consent of the families of the missing.
To minimize the risk of bodies drifting too far away they have set up wider nets around the area following requests by the families.

All right. We really hope we can deliver a news on survivor later in the day thank you for the updates.
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