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Korean gov't considers special disaster zones for sunken ferry sitesaster zones Updated: 2014-04-20 12:05:54 KST

In the past 24 hours, the death toll has increased drastically.
And as the search and recovery operation continues it looks like the death toll will soon rise sharply in the hours and days to come.
There's word now that the Korean government is considering designating the ferry sinking site, and another area, as special disaster zones.
For more on this and other updates we have Connie Lee standing by in the news center.

Hey Conn-young. So that decision by the Korean government could come as early as this afternoon. { }
Prime Minister [Chung Hong-won] had planned to meet with related ministers today on this issue.
The potential special disaster zone sites are Jindo island and Ansan.
Jindo island has the closest port to the area where the ferry sank
and the city of Ansan is where [ ] Danwon High School is located--- or where most of the passengers were from.
If Jindo and Ansan become special disaster zones then the government could provide aid to those areas, and give financial assistance to the victims of the sunken ferry--- including relatives of those still missing.

Yes that could be likely since there are reports of people in both of those areas suffering from physicial and psychological effects.
Now, Connie the number of bodies found is increasing by the hour it seems as divers get further into the ship.
What can you tell us about the current rescue efforts?

Right, it was just today that divers seemed to making progress getting inside the ship
by breaking through the windows now.
Most of the bodies, so far according to the officials, were found on the 3rd and 4th floors or where the CABINS are located.
And what we do know now is that rescue teams are attemping to reach inside other areas of the ship like the cafeteria or places where a lot of passengers were expected to be at the moment of the incident.
That's all I have for you right now from the news center-- I'll be back in the later newscast with more updates.
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