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Ferry incident update; search and rescue operations continue Updated: 2014-04-19 16:05:00 KST

Ferry incident update; search and rescue operations continue
For the latest on the sunken ferry and other updates, Arirang's Laah Hyun-kyung is standing by at the news center.
Hyun-kyung, there are reports that three more bodies have been spotted in the cabin?

That's right. The three bodies were spotted inside the fourth floor of the sunken ferry earlier in the morning but unfortunately divers were not able to break through the window.
The rescue operation team plans to alternate a total of 6-hundred-52 divers -- sending them to try and get inside the ferry.
They say they will make as many as 40 dives today, and hopefully some divers will have successfully entered the cabin and make progress in the search and rescue operations.
A total of one-hundred-seventy-six vessels and 28 aircraft have been dispatched to the site for the rescue operations.

As for the passenger count, the government, once again,
corrected their official numbers late Friday.

Two people on the list of passengers were found not to have boarded the ferry while three people that were not on the list got aboard.
So that adds one more person to the total number of passengers.
As of now, the government believes 4-hundred-76 passengers were on the ferry.
The number of rescued passengers has been reduced to one-hundred-74, down five from the previous figure.
The explanation for this was that some of the names and identities had overlapped while multiple rescue operation parties were trying to gather information.

And we're also getting reports that authorities have started taking DNA samples from the families of those still missing?

Yes, the samples are being collected in advance so that officials can use them when needed -- for example, to match against bodies that have been, and may be retrieved from the sunken ferry.
Authorities are estimating that it will take about two days to sequence the DNAs of the some 300 family members.

Alright, thanks Hyun-kyung we'll check back in with you in a little bit for other updates
but now
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