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Situation at Mokpo Hankook Hospital Updated: 2014-04-19 17:06:23 KST

Once bodies are recovered or better yet IF survivors found they will be brought to the Mokpo Hankook Hospital located in Korea's southern Jeollanam-do province.
We have our correspondent Ji Myung-kil stading by at the hospital.
Myung-kil any updates from there?

Hello I'm currently at the Mokpo Hankook Hospital so far no bodies of survivors have arrived as of yet.
Looking at the latest figures
Of the 19 survivors that have arrived at the hospital 11 are suffering from injuries, while eight have been discharged.
Ten bodies also arrived at the hospital.
The hosiptal is providing psychiatric therapy for survivors who are being treated.
A medical helicopter is also on stand-by, along with two medics so that the hospital can efficiently transport rescued survivors or bodies.

With each passing second minute and hour hopes for finding survivors are diminishing
But how is the hospital preparing for the arrival of any rescued passengers?

Hospital officials say 50 beds have been prepared for any survivors that are found, and 20 doctors and nurses are on stand-by day and night.

Several funeral rooms have been prepared for families that may have lost their loved ones through this, one of the worst maritime disasters in Korea's history.
A task force team is also on stand-by to identify the bodies as quickly as possible.

I understand that some of the families of the missing are standing by at the Mokpo hospital hoping to greet their loved ones ALIVE. How are they taking this excrutiating wait?

Families of the missing here are anxiously waiting for news of their loved ones.
Most families spent their nights in the waiting rooms without much sleep.
Although rescue efforts have continued throughout the night it doesn't seem as though much progress has been made.
Back to you.

Thank you for the update Myung-gil.
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fatboyme (USA) 2014-04-19 08:59:12 KST    

I feel so sad about this.