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Korea University Ansan Hospital phone connection Updated: 2014-04-19 17:06:23 KST

Korea University Ansan Hospital phone connection
As Myung-kil just told us… different hospitals throughout the nation are preparing themselves to receive survivors for treatment and also recoverd bodies from the disaster.
A hospital in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do province in among them - and particularly so as Danwon High School - where more than 300 of the over 400 passengers on board the submerged ferry were students of - is located there.
Shin Se-min joins us on the line from the Korea University Ansan Hospital. Se-min, what can you tell us?

A continuous stream of people have been visiting the hospital here to pay their respects.
Relatives and friends, and religious groups have been coming through to comfort those family members.
Twenty-two bodies have arrived here in Ansan so far,… with six here at Korea University Ansan hospital.
The first coffin has been borne out at a nearby funeral hall,… and it was of a teacher who lost her life after helping students evacuate the now-sunken ferry.
Although it wasn't at this specific funeral hall, HUNDREDS of mourners were on site to pay respects.
At around 4 this morning, the body of the vice-principal of Danwon High School who escaped the ship, but died in an apparent suicide, arrived at nearby Cheil funeral hall here in Ansan, along with another female high school student who died in the disaster.
As you mentioned, the deceased identified at Mokpo Hankook hospital ARE being transported, so, MANY of the local hospitals and funeral halls are on full standby as additional bodies are expected to arrive once identified.

The entire nation is mourning the loss of those who perished.
What about the survivors who have been admitted and are being treated? Korea University Ansan Hospital has the most number of patients from the disaster

That's right.
As of now,… a total of 76 students and passengers have been admitted to several hospitals including this one,… but still there are a steady number of outpatients visiting the emergency room here.

During a press briefing held earlier this morning, officials from the hospital said that they are holding one-on-one consultations with the individual patients, and constantly checking on their mental status.
Doctors here say that 80 percent of the inpatients are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and that they are looking at weeks, months or even years of treatment.
Since Friday night, all media have been told to forgo any contact with the patients, as they are under great stress.
That's all I have for now, back to you in the studio.

Thanks, Se-min. We can't even imagine the difficulty and mental anguish the survivors as well as the relatives of those confirmed dead and missing are going through We wish them the best.
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