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Mokpo Hankook Hospital phone connection Updated: 2014-04-19 03:41:26 KST

Mokpo Hankook Hospital phone connection
Once bodies are recovered or survivors found they are brought to the Mokpo Hankook Hospital located in Korea's southern Jeollanam-do province.
And we have our Ji Myung-kil on the line from the hospital. Myung-kil?

Yes. Bodies from the Sewolho ferry will be brought here to the Mokpo Hankook Hospital where they will be identified.
Any further survivors that are found will also be brought here to receive medical treatment.
Already many survivors of the ferry accident have been receiving treatment since Wednesday.
Families of the missing here are anxiously waiting for news of their loved ones
Hope has been in the air since Friday as divers were able to reach inside the suken ferry.
Once the bodies are examined they will be sent to Korea University Ansan hospital located south of Seoul.

So Myung-kil there is still hope that survivors will be found what is the hospital doing in order to prepare for the sudden arrival of rescued passengers or recovered bodies?

Well, hospital officials say more beds have been prepared for rescued survivors and the medical team are on stand-by working day and night.
Several funeral rooms have been prepared for families that may have lost their loved ones through this tragic accident.
The hospital has also set up a task force team to manage in identifying the bodies as quickly as possible.

How are families at the Mokpo hospital coping with the situation? Are they preparing for the worst or do they believe good news is on the way?

Well, as you can imagine the families are extremely upset and are just waiting day and night waiting for their loved ones to come back.
The tangible sense of great pain and sorrow can be felt within the waiting rooms of the hospital. I have never felt such sadness in one place it is truly distressing.
Although rescue efforts have continued throughout the night it seems not much progress has been made.
We will keep you updated for any rescued passengers or recovered bodies arriving at the Mokpo hospital.
Back to you.

Yes, they must be feeling an awful combination of deep sadness with anxiousness and great frustration with the slow recovery efforts thusfar. Thank you,Myung-kil that was our Ji-Myung-kil reporting from the Mokpo Hankook Hospital site.
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