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Situation at Jindo Indoor Auditorium Updated: 2014-04-19 21:02:09 KST

Situation at Jindo Indoor Auditorium
Distraught families of those onboard the Sewol-ho ferry have been camping out at an auditorium nearby the accident site in Jindo.
This is the fourth day of an agonizing wait for all of them.
Kwon So-a joins us live from the auditorium.
Many of the family and friends must be completely drained emotionally at this point.

The lights have become darker here at Jindo Indoor Auditoriumand it's currently pretty calm but that's only because the families of the missing don't have much strength left.
Many of them have hardly eaten or slept since Wednesday.
It really has been an unbearable wait for the families.
A while ago, the families were provided a description of the genders of the bodies recovered, what they were wearing and how tall they were as well.
Cries were heard at times, but it is not clear whether the families of the deceased are here in the auditorium.
Earlier members of the control crisis center of Jindo-gun County as well as rescue crews spoke with the families of the missing here at the Jindo Indoor Auditorium.
The Commissioner General of the Korea Coast Guard briefed them on today's rescue efforts,and a diver explained in detail what is making the process so difficult, but also expressed his apologies.
He said that several times he himself tried to shatter the ship's interior windows using a hammer, but the tides kept sweeping him away.
But he added that the divers are doing their utmost and even risking their own lives in the rough waters.

Soa, earlier in the day there was a big row between authorities and the families. How did that end?

Yes, that all began with a video clip that was played on a screen inside the gym of rescue operations, which in the eyes of the families was useless.
The clip showed search and rescue operations beneath the water for the first time conducted by divers with under-water cameras attached to their helmets early this Saturday.
The process of the operation was thoroughly explained to the families.
The divers went as deep as 20 meters below the surface using a rope, and did their search in the corridors of the third and fourth floors, but when the video ended it showed no results.
The parents of the children shouted out, what's the case of you showing us this video, if you can't bring back our children.

Thank you So-a.
That was our Kwon Soa, reporting live from the Jindo Indoor Auditorium.
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