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Situation at Pengmok Harbor Updated: 2014-04-19 19:57:46 KST

Situation at Pengmok Harbor
Thanks Hyun-kyung. And as our Hyun-kyung just reported another body has just been retrieved from the accident site, which raises the death toll to 33.
Over at Paengmok Harbor authorities have been trying to identify the bodies found in recent hours.
That's where our Yoo Li-an is standing by.
Li-an, what's going on in the water?

Hi You-sun,.. rescue operations resumed just about an hour ago.
Strong tides had halted rescue efforts throughout most of the afternoon today.
Tides have been as high as two meters and winds of up to 12 kilometers per hour have been recorded.
Now there was a briefing here by the commissioner general of the Korea Coast Guard just about two hours ago.
He said local divers here along with the coast guard tried to get into the Sewol-ho vessel twice this afternoon, once around 2 p.m. and another at around 4 p.m. local time.
But because of the strong tides, they were forced to retreat without having gotten inside the vessel.
Earlier this morning, three bodies were spotted inside the vessel and rescue teams have been trying to retrieve them this afternoon.

What about tonight? Will rescue operations continue, even while it's dark outside?

Well the commissioner here said the divers will try to get into the vessel a total of four times.
They are going to fire about 8-hundred-80 flares into the sky to help with light.
Also you can't forget the oil spill from the Sewol-ho ferry that's going to be hampering the rescue operation here.
The overwhelming smell is giving a difficult time for the rescue team here and because of the strong tides they were not able to get a oil fence into the waters to prevent further leakage.
About 2-hundred tons of oil is reportedly still in the ferry.
You-sun, the mood here has actually calmed down a bit from before.
The families of the victims expressed gratitude towards the local divers and people were rather calm listening to the process about how rescue operations will be carried out overnight.

Thanks for the report that was our Yoo Li-an reporting from Paengmok Harbor the focal point of the search and rescue operations.
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