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Arrest warrant sought for captain that left sinking ferry Updated: 2014-04-19 06:03:00 KST

Arrest warrant sought for captain that left sinking ferry
We start with news just coming in. Bodies have been discovered *within the submerged Sewol-ho ferry for the first time since rescue operations began three days ago.
The bodies were found on what it seems to be the fourth floor of the ship and for more details we go straight to our Connie Lee standing by the newsroom Connie fills us in with the details

Hey Jin-joo---
just moments ago officials say that divers found possible bodies on the fourth floor of the sunken ferry.
Divers went down early this Saturday morning before 6-AM and initial reports say they failed to enter inside the ship because they couldnt break the windows.
BUT they were able to see a few bodies
Now officials say the divers are back in Attempting to break the windows and get in.
to some other news this morning
Government officials acknowledged late Friday that there was an error in tallying up the numbers.
One more person was added to the total number of passengers--- officials say 4-hundred-76 people were on that ferry and NOT 4-hundred-75 as originally reported.
But the number of rescued has been reduced-- to 174 from 179.
Government officials say that they made a mistake-- apparently there were repeated names on the rescued list--
The number of missing still remains at 273 people.
Now this new Saturday morning here in Korea
The captain of the ferry has been formally charged and is currently in custody.
Two other crew members are also in custody--- as prosecutors say there is a possibility that they could flee or destroy evidence.
The 68-year-old captain of the ferry, is [ ] Lee Joon-seok is charged with five violations.
This includes charges of negligence and a violation of a ship crew law that requires crew to remain on the board, until all passengers escape in a state of an emergency.
[ ] After leaving a court hearing early this morning the captain spoke to reporters--
[ ] Here that he initially told passengers to stay put because rescue teams had not yet arrived.
And then the captain claims he told people to evacuate.
But as you know the surviving passengers say that they never heard a broadcast telling them to leave the ship.
There are also new reports that the captain wasn't even in the steering room when the ferry started sinking.

Connie tell us about the other crew members---

The other crew members is a young 25-year-old with the surname [ ] Park who was reportedly at the helm of the ferry when it sank.
and a 55-year-old man, of the surname [ ].
These people were apparently the first ones to escape the sinking ferry.

Yes, we've heard countless stories from surviving passengers that they were told to stay inside and not move.

Yes and actually new amateur video released taken by a passenger which show people staying put inside their cabins when the ship was clearly severely tilted.
You see here passengers passing out life vests and some already wearing them.
They're standing or laying down trying to keep their balance in the listing ship.
Passengers say they thought about evacuating the ship.. but because the announcement from the ship's crew told them to stay put that's exactly what they did.
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