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Live coverage of patients and families at hospital Updated: 2014-04-18 17:02:06 KST

Live coverage of patients and families at hospital
Now One-hundred-79 passengers were rescued on the day of the accident.
They may have survived, but many of them have to be treated physically and psychologically

Let's now go live to our Connie Kim who joins us from the Korea University Ansan Hospital, where the largest number of patients are being treated.
Connie before we talk about the survivors I know more bodies have been brought to the hospital **it must have been an emotional scene what's the atmosphere like there?

As you mentioned I'm at Korea University Ansan Hospital.
There have been NO additional deceased passengers arriving here, since two in the morning.
The funeral hall has somewhat calmed down a bit, but it's still filled with woes..and there are continuous sobs heard from inside.
A total of five of the dead are here in the hospital. streams of tear-stained friends and families are here paying their respects.
Danwon High School is considering setting up an incense altar within the school of the Ansan Olympic Museum.

A number of the students who managed to escape the sinking ferry with their **lives are also receiving treatment at the hospital. How are they doing?

Well a press briefing was held here this afternoon, and according to the director of the hospital, there are currently 76 people receiving medical treatment here.
72 of them from high school, along with one teacher and three other passengers.
He said a stress test was conducted on the students and said most of the teenagers are suffering from moderate levels of stress, but declined to mention specific numbers.
He also said depending on their mental conditions, they have provided counseling sessions to both parents and students.
Officials say there are teenagers with harsh critical conditions who cannot speak at the moment from shock.
They said they will continue to provide help to students and parents….and will also cooperate with the education and welfare ministries.

Thank you, Connie. That was Arirang NEWS' Connie Kim reporting from Korea University Ansan Hospital where many of the injured are being treated.
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