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Divers enter hull; apology given over earlier conflicting reports Updated: 2014-04-18 20:58:37 KST

Divers enter hull; apology given over earlier conflicting reports
A major rescue operation for the capsized ferry off Korea's southwestern coast continues on this Friday evening where divers have finally reached inside the hull of the sunken ship.
But there have been conflicting accounts all day about how successful they've been.
For details, we'll go to our Hwang Sung-hee , at the Central Disaster Safety Headquarters in Seoul.
Sung-hee, what's the latest.

Twenty-one divers have been continuing search-and-rescue operations for the past three hours, as they tried to take advantage of the low tide to find survivors in the sunken ship.
The rescue team is expected to continue their search operations throughout the night.
Some progress was made today, as divers entered the vessel for the first time.
Earlier in the morning, divers installed guidelines leading into the cafeteria that's on the third floor of the vessel.
Later in the afternoon, they reached the freight car, on the second floor, and the steer station on the fifth floor.
But the divers retreated just 14 minutes later, after a guideline broke during attempts to break open a door to one of the compartments on the second floor.
The divers have reportedly made it to the fourth floor, but no survivors have been found yet.
There had been conflicting reports concerning the rescue team's entry into the vessel, which led the Central Disaster Safety Headquarters to issue an apology for their inaccurate updates.

More than two days have passed since the Sewol-ho ferry capsized. additional bodies have been found but still no news of survivors.

Three bodies were recovered today.
The bodies of two male students were found about 5-hundred meters away from the capsized vessel, earlier this afternoon.
This comes after the body of a middle-aged man was recovered in the morning, putting the total confirmed death toll at 28.
Twelve bodies were confirmed as being high school students, two teachers, three crew members and one passenger.
Ten bodies have yet to be identified, but seven others are believed to be high schoolers.
Two-hundred-sixty-eight people still remain missing, and unfortunately, the number of survivors remains unchanged.

Thank-you for that update, Sung-hee.
That was Hwang Sung-hee reporting from the Central Disaster Safety Headquarters in Seoul.
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