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Situation at Paengmok Harbor Updated: 2014-04-18 20:58:37 KST

Situation at Paengmok Harbor
Let's now go live to Paengmok Harbor on Jin-do island - just 20 kilometers from the site of the search-and-rescue mission where our Kwon So-a is standing by.
So-a, with nightfall here once again how is the situation there developing?

Guys, it's pitch dark outside at Paengmok Harbor, and so is the sea but that is not hindering the rescue teams from continuing their search for the missing.
Now it's a battle against time.
Every minute is crucial for the rescuers out in the waters.
Soon, at 10:25 p.m. and again tomorrow at around 5:40 a.m., the tides will be at their calmest, and divers will focus on searching for possible survivors.
Vessels and submarines have been deployed, flares are being lightened, and unmanned robots are at work as well.

The families of missing ones at the harbor must be watching the rescue process too how are they coping with the situation?

As the clock ticks by, hope too, seems to be fading as the families saw how helicopters have moved dead bodies to the harbor where a temporary morgue has been set up.
They are crying in pain, praying for their loved ones to come back, but also shouting in frustration and anger towards the government about the slow progress in search-and-rescue operations, and also towards media covering the event.

So-a, is there any talk about what may happen after the search for survivors ends, what's the next step going to be for the rescue operations?

Discussions will continue on how the Sewol-ho ferry is going to be eventually be pulled up.
Four cranes and a floating dock will also be included in the process, which will push things forward but experts say the process could take months.
Families worry that as soon as the cranes are used, and the ferry shifts, possible survivors may be harmed which means they are still holding on to the last bits of hope.
I'll be filling you in with more developments later on.

Thank-you, So-a.
That was our Kwon So-a reporting live at the search and rescue site at Paengmok Harbor on Jin-do island.
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