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Korean ferry disaster Friday updates Updated: 2014-04-18 06:00:00 KST

Korean ferry disaster Friday updates
And with further details we're joined by Kim Ji-yeon from the Arirang News Center
The investigative team held a press conference in the southern city of Mokpo earlier today. What did we learn?

Yes, the prosecutors and police said an investigation is ongoing to determine what led to the capsizing of the Sewol-ho ferry.
What's at question is whether the sinking was a man-made disaster.
It's being speculated that an abrupt turn to change direction caused the cargo in the vessel to shift to one side, leading to its capsizing.
Fingers are being pointed towards the captain, who is believed to have been away from the steering room at the time of the incident.
The team said the ferry's third officer, not the captain, was at the helm when the vessel encountered trouble.
The investigative team said that it had conducted two rounds of questioning on the captain so far, but that they are having a hard time grasping the truth due to differing testimonies.
Investigators also added that it will draw up punitive measures against those that are spreading rumors through social-networking-sites about the accident.

Ji-yeon, there are allegations the captain of the ship and some of his crew members abandoned the ship and this has likely contributed to a much higher death toll.
What should have been done by the captain and crew members?

Well for starters, they should not have abandoned the ship without making sure the passengers were safely off the ferry.
This is clearly laid out in a manual in the Sewol-ho ferry, which lays out the steps for crew members should take in case of an emergency.
In the manual it states the captain and some of the crew members should have made an announcement to the passengers explaining what was happening to the vessel and what they should do to escape to safety.
And then the crew members should have stayed on board to help passengers make it on life boats before leaving themselves.
But as you can see, not one of these regulations was followed by the captain and the crew members of the Sewolho ferry on that fateful day.

There have been reports of text messages thought to be from survivors on the capsized ship, but those were found to be pranks, and now there are talks about scams being used to take advantage of this tragedy

That's right. The government is warning about a text scam that falsely indicates it is a message from Yonhap News Agency, and includes a link to a video of the rescue operations at the site where the ferry is located.
And smartphone users who click on this link, a malicious app is installed that will leak the personal information embedded in the device.
It then induces the users to install a fake banking app that will then extract their financial information.
The government is trying to prevent a further spread of this text and plans to distribute a vaccine to users.

It's appalling how even at times like these, times of distress, there are some people who would take advantage of others. It's horrible. Thank you, Jiyeon for that report.
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