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Situation at Jindo Indoor Auditorium Updated: 2014-04-18 20:58:37 KST

Situation at Jindo Indoor Auditorium
Since the Sewol-ho ferry's sinking families of the missing have camped out at an indoor auditorium on Jin-do island to get the latest information on the rescue efforts, first-hand.
But another reported death is shocking many of us here in Korea,.. the vice principal of Danwon High School is believed to have committed suicide.
Let's go to our Yoo Li-an who is standing by at the gymnasium.
Li-an, have you learned anything new about the suicide?

Hi guys well we have actually learned that he has left a suicide note in his wallet.
In it, he wrote that it is hard to live on not knowing whether the 2-hundred students are alive or not.
The 52-year-old also added that he wishes his body be cremated and thrown into the site of the accident, and said he hopes he can be the teacher of the dead students in their afterlife.
Now it was around five minutes past 4 p.m. Korea time, when the vice principal was found hanged by his own belt, from a tree on a hill behind the Jindo auditorium.
He was onboard when the ferry was sinking two days ago and he was one of the few that were rescued.

How are the people there reacting to the news and how have all the families of the victims been doing, amid all the conflicting reports today about the rescue operation?

Well,.. the teachers of Danwon High School that were here at the gym broke into tears when they heard about the news of the vice principal.
As for the families, the sounds of wailing and crying are getting every louder as we get deeper into the night -- it's getting harder for the parents here to accept the fact that hope is diminishing as we get deeper into the night.
The parents here have been asking questions to the coast guard officials all throughout the day and night in front of the auditorium here, about the details of the rescue operation.
But the officials haven't really been able to give the families satisfying answers as it is nightfall and the weather conditions have made it difficult for rescue operations to be carried out smoothly.
Many here, simply look just tired and exhausted, some are crying out loud for their children.
Really no words can fully describe or explain what is going through the minds of the families at this moment, here at the auditorium.

Thanks for your report, Li-an.
That was our Yoo Li-an reporting from Jindo Indoor Auditorium, where many of the family members of the now 2-hundred-68 missing are gathered.
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