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Situation at the Paengmok Harbor Updated: 2014-04-18 04:16:37 KST

Situation at the Paengmok Harbor
The desperate search for passengers continues this Friday morning some 44 hours after the ferry started to sink.
Overnight the number of people confirmed dead rose to 25.
Two-hundred-71 people, including a great many high school students, remain unaccounted for.
One-hundred-79 people were rescued on Wednesday, but unfortunately no new survivors have been found since the day the ferry sank.
Now let's go over live to our Kwon Soa who is standing by at the Paengmok harbor in Jindo-gun county where search-and-rescue operations are continuing.
Soa, fill us in with the current situation there

Mark, rescue operations continued throughout the night despite unfavorable weather conditions here flares were shot in the sky, helicopters, and manless robots were used too.. unfortunately instead of hearing from survivors, dead bodies were recovered None of them were found inside the ship, but on the surface of the water.
The maritime police says the change in the tidal waves may have brought the bodies up from inside the ship.

So, how will rescue operations continue today? Also how are the weather conditions looking down there?

Rescue crews are continuously trying to enter the ship, but have yet failed to do so.
However, the winds have gotten weaker compared to yesterday, and the rain is expected to let up today. Soon cranes are also said to arrive to help with the rescue.

What about the families of the missing ones? How are they coping with the situation there?

Some of the families have come to the site here at Paengmok harbor to see the rescue progress with their own eyes.
Back to you Mark.

Ok, thank you, Soa. Efforts must still be made regardless of how desperate the situation appears to be…. and search and rescue teams are working tirelessly, around the clock to find more survivors.
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