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Live coverage of search-and-rescue operation Updated: 2014-04-17 21:01:38 KST

Live coverage of search-and-rescue operation
Let's now go live to our Yoo Li-an - she joins us from the Paengmok harbor in Jindo-gun county where search-and-rescue operations are underway.
The harsh weather earlier this afternoon halted search-and-rescue efforts this afternoon.
How are operations going now?

Hi guys, rescue operations went in to full mode three hours ago when the tides were expected to be the calmest,.. but unfortunately no updates on any victims being rescued here.
Before then rescue operations have come to a complete halt for most of the afternoon actually starting from 2 PM.
The rain has come to a stop right now but we have been seeing heavy rain on and off throughout the day, strong winds, and heavy fog giving us low visibility.
Divers went into the waters a total of 12 times this afternoon, to inject air into the vessel but they failed to even once reach the vessel given the harsh weather conditions.
Water temperatures were as low as 10 degrees and the mirky waters gave them visibility of only up to ten to twenty centimeters.

What can we expect from now on?

Rescue operations will continue throughout the night but given that rain is expected until early tomorrow morning no aircrafts will be flown out.
The tides are also expected to be as high as 4 meters tonight so divers won't be going into the waters.
The coast guard will shoot flares into the sky to continue to night search,.. but it seems we cannot hope for a rigorous resecue operation tonight.
Much of the hope is on the crains tomorrow,.. one is expected to arrive here tomorrow morning and two in the afternoon.
Those will be used to haul up the ferry to move it to a safer location to resume rescue operations. But given the heavy weight,.. we can't be really sure how long that process will take -- experts are expecting days.
Guys, it's pitch dark out here now,.. and it's truly heartbreaking to imagine especially for families, that there are potential survivors out there in the dark, cold waters
Hopes are high here at the

Li-an, do keep us updated in our next newscast.
That was our Yoo Li-an reporting live from Paengmok harbor in Jindo-gun county off the coast where the Sewol ferry capsized.
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