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Woman gets 10 years for beating 8-year-old stepdaughter to death Updated: 2014-04-11 21:56:44 KST

  Woman gets 10 years for beating 8-year-old stepdaughter to death
It was in this home in Gyeongsangbuk-do province where an 8-year-old girl was fatally beaten to death by her stepmother.
Punched and kicked repeatedly the girl died from a ruptured intestine last August.

Her stepmother, identified only by her surname Lim, and her husband went on trial this Friday morning
Despite prosecutors asking for a 20-year jail sentence for the stepmother, she was sentenced to 10 years by the judge on Friday.
The father in this case was given a 3-year term for negligence despite prosecutors asking for 7 years of jail time.
Prosecutors say the stepmother not only beat her youngest stepdaughter to death but also for forced her older stepdaughter to testify that she killed her younger sister.

Public outrage surrounding the case grew even more when a letter written by the victim's 12-year-old sister claimed the stepmother had put her inside a laundry machine and let it run.
Meanwhile, on the heels of Friday's trial. the Ministry of Health and Welfare released data that shows 97 children died from parental abuse from 2001 to 2012.
The report, however, also notes that the number of deaths is probably higheras many cases go unreported.

In light of this case and other high-profile child abuse cases in Korea the government is also taking action with policymakers and ruling party lawmakers looking for ways to put a stop to them.
Connie Lee, Arirang News.
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