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Microsoft terminates technical support for Windows XP Updated: 2014-04-08 21:55:56 KST

  Microsoft terminates technical support for Windows XP
Microsoft's termination of Windows XP poses a great security threat to Korea's financial system.
Starting Tuesday, Microsoft says it will no longer support the 13-year-old operating system, which means no more updates, no free or paid assisted support options and no online technical content updates.
ATM services may also be affected, as nearly 75-percent of the machines worldwide run on Windows XP, according to the manufacturer NCR.
Korea is particularly vulnerable.
Well over 90 percent of the 87-thousand ATMs in Korea have not been upgraded from the Windows XP system, raising concerns that the rest are prone to security risks.

Windows XP PC users have upgraded and received support for years, but that help will no longer be available.
At least one in five personal computers worldwide still run on XP, and while consumers are entitled to carry on using it for as long as they like, those who choose to do so will be much more vulnerable to hackers, viruses and other security risks.
Software will no longer be made to be compatible with XP, in other words, fewer applications will be compatible with the operating system.
Although Microsoft has not revealed the reason behind its termination, industry experts say the company is trying to reduce competition for three other operating systems that it released after Windows XP.

Microsoft is ending support for everyday consumers, but it'll continue to maintain and upgrade XP system services in a corporate environment.

"Government or financial firm could continue to get support years down the road. Some rumors are estimating around 5-million U.S. dollars per year, or 2-hundred dollars per PC per year for the first year, and Microsoft plans to double it every year. So they are punitively requiring companies to upgrade within the next three years."
Shin Se-min, Arirang News.
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