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M7.8 aftershock hits Chilean coast Wednesday Updated: 2014-04-03 14:29:07 KST

M7.8 aftershock hits Chilean coast Wednesday
On to a developing story in Chile
One day after being hit with a strong, magnitude 8.2 earthquake, the South American nation has been rocked by a strong aftershock.
Our Shin Se-min joins us on the phone to give us the latest.
Se-min, there have been dozens of aftershocks over the past 24 hours but this one was much stronger.

Much stronger, Conn-young. This was a POWERFUL magnitude 7.8 aftershock.
It struck off northern Chile late Wednesday local time, one day after that 8.2 magnitude quake in the same area generated a tsunami.
Wednesday's aftershock was centered about 40 kilometers southwest of the mining port city Iquique, 10 kilometers beneath the ocean floor.
A tsunami warning was initially issued for Chile and Peru, but has since been lifted.
This was the strongest of some 140 aftershocks that followed yesterday's huge quake that killed 6 and damaged tens of thousands of homes.
Although it was powerful at a 7.8, there hasn't been any significant damage reported.
Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, who was visiting the hardest-hit area Wednesday, was also evacuated from her hotel in the city of Arica.

How are the Chilean people coping with two earthquakes in a row?
And why is this area, especially, so prone to earthquakes both big and small?

Considering the strength of these two quakes and all the other aftershocks to hit the nation, they've been coping remarkably well.
Experts are giving credit to the Chilean government and its people for being well prepared for such incidents.
The nation has strict building codes with earthquakes in mind, and evacuated people from danger zones quickly.
As for total damage, it's still too early to determine how high it might go, but early estimates are at around 30 billion U.S. dollars.
And as for why this area is especially prone, Chile is in the Pacific's "Ring of Fire," an area where earthquakes and volcanic eruptions often occur.

That was our Shin Se-min reporing on the strong 7.8 magnitude aftershock in Chile. We will bring you more updates as the story develops.
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