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Japan to unveil new textbooks with stronger claims over Korea's Dokdo this week: sources Updated: 2014-04-03 06:27:45 KST

Japan to unveil new textbooks with stronger claims over Korea's Dokdo this week: sources

Diplomatic sources in Seoul said Wednesday that Japan's education ministry will convene a meeting on Friday to release the screening results of its elementary school textbooks.
The revised versions are expected to carry stronger claims over Korea's Dokdo island.
The island, which is physically closer to Korea in the body of water that divides the Korean peninsula and Japan, has long been a thorn in bilateral relations.
The Japanese government initially planned to unveil the new textbooks last month, but postponed it ahead of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's first official meeting with President Park Geun-hye in the Hague to demonstrate Japan's sincerity to mend ties with Korea.
But that sincerity is now once again in question.
Ahead of his meeting with President Park, Abe pledged to uphold a landmark apology to victims of Japan's wartime sexual enslavement.
But Japanese opposition lawmaker Satsuki Eda said at a seminar in Washington D.C. Tuesday that the Abe administration still intends to review the Kono Statement and issue a revised version sometime next year.
Eda, who expressed concern about the move, added the new statement would contain Japan's official stance on war and draw international attention.
The Japanese government reiterated Tuesday it does not plan on revising the existing apology, but that it will verify the way in which the statement was composed.
While Korea and Japan were expected to hold working-level talks on the so-called "comfort women" issue this month, the chances of such a meeting taking place now appear slim.
Hwang Sung-hee, Arirang News.
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