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Powerful earthquake hits off Chilean coast Updated: 2014-04-02 16:20:45 KST

  Powerful earthquake hits off Chilean coast
Our top story tonight the Chilean earthquake and subsequent tsunami
The death toll has risen since the initial 8.2 magnitude quake Tuesday evening, local time and a tsunami warning has been extended throughout the Pacific.

Let's go live to our Shin Se-min for the latest developments.
Se-min, give us the most recent updates.

At least FIVE people were killed and several others severely injured in Chile, following that strong, 8.2 magnitude earthquake that struck off the coast of northern Chile Tuesday evening local time.
The U.S. Geographical Survey said the quake centered 98-kilometers northwest of the Chilean mining port of Iquique, 20 kilometers deep in the Pacific Ocean at 8:46 in the evening.
The Chilean president has declared three northern regions hit by the quake as disaster areas.
However, there is also a degree of relief in the country, as the death toll is relatively low, considering the strength of the earthquake.

It has been about nine hours now since the quake occured,.. and all the tsunami warnings, alerts and watches for Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Panama have been lifted.
As of now, alerts are in effect in Chile and Peru.
Waves of up to 2.1 meters were reported earlier in some areas.
And still the power is out for thousands of local residents in Chile, and some roads have been cut off due to landslides.
Panicked residents ran out into the streets as soon as the authorities ordered them to flee to higher ground-level because of the tsunami threat.
In the hours since the earthquake, multiple aftershocks have rattled the region, including at least one in the magnitude-6 range

Se-min, that tsunami threat isn't just reserved for South and Central America.
What is this we're hearing about a possible impact on the Korean peninsula?

That's right.
Japan's Meteorological Agency warned that high waves triggered by the quake in Chile could reach Japan by early tomorrow morning.
Here in Korea, the agency expects that the eastern coastal regions will see the effects Thursday morning, and the southern and western coasts in the afternoon.
That said, the Japanese agency doesn't yet know how big the waves will be.

That was our Shin Se-min reporing on the ongoing crisis in Chile, and we will bring you more updates as the story develops.
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