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North and South Korea exchange artillery fires on NLL Updated: 2014-04-01 10:31:39 KST

North and South Korea exchange artillery fires on NLL
Our top story this lunchtime.
Less than a day has passed since the two Koreas peppered each other's territorial waters with artillery shells in the latest sign of rising inter-Korean tensions.
For the latest on the cross border firings we now go live to our Kim Hyun-bin who is standing by at the Ministry of National Defense in Seoul. Hyun-bin, we hear the ministry just held a briefing. what are they saying?

Good afternoon.
South Korean Defense Ministry Spokesperson Kim Min-seok in a press briefing a little over an hour ago said there are currently no signs that North Korea is preparing for any additional provocations.
The ministry says the artillery rounds fired on Monday afternoon were from multiple rocket launchers, which lack accuracy, especially compared to the the precision of the K-9 self-propellant heavy artillery used by South Korea.
Officials say that, out of the 500 shells fired by the North during a live-fire military drill, around 100 fell almost three-and-a-half kilometers over the border in South Korean waters near the Baengnyeongdo Island.
South Korea responded by shooting 300 K-9 self propelled heavy artillery shells into North Korean waters and dispatched several F-15 fighter jets to the maritime border.

But we hear that the defense ministry is preparing for any contingencies or possible provocations, even though they said no to this at this point.

Despite no signs of another provocation, the South Korean military remains on high alert today.
They are working closely working with the United States and keeping watch.
Seoul's military has activated crisis management operations and deployed naval convoys near the maritime border to cope with any possible contingency.
Several inter-Korean skirmishes have taken place around the area over the years including the North's shelling of Yeonpyeongdo Island in 2010 which killed four South Koreans.
The ministry added that at the current state, North Korea is unlikely to conduct a fourth nuclear or launch a long-range ballistic missile.

That was our Kim Hyun-bin reporting live from the defense ministry on South Korea's response to yesterday's exchange of artillery fire.
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