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Double Dragon exercises underway on southeast coast Updated: 2014-04-01 04:39:10 KST

U.S. and South Korean marines blaze across the water to secure the shoreline and their positions on Korea's southeastern coast.
The marines are here for the joint South Korea-U.S. amphibious landing exercise dubbed Double Dragon, which started on March 27th and runs through April 7th.
It's part of the annual Foal Eagle drills between the two allies.

"Through this joint exercise, Korea and U.S. forces are working as one to suppress war with our might, while enhancing our interoperability."

This is the largest amphibious landing drill in South Korea in two decades, with over 12,500 U.S and South Korean forces taking part.
The 3rd Marines Expeditionary Brigade from Okinawa is here, along with 22 Osprey multi-mission aircraft, 13 naval vessels and others.
The Expeditionary Brigade played an active role in the Iraq war, and if a conflict were to break out on the peninsula, they'd be among the first to arrive.

"Both the people of South Korea and the citizens of the United States ought to rest assure that their military is taking their mission very serious, that we are training as hard as we can, we are trying to do it in the most economical fashion as we can."

The Double Dragon drill seeks to enhance interoperability and working relationships between the two militaries across a range of operations from disaster relief to complex expeditionary operations.

"North Korea has condemned the drills, calling them a rehearsal for an invasion. Some experts say that, given the level of anger, it's highly likely Pyongyang will conduct a ballistic missile launch or fourth nuclear test before the training is over on April 7th."
Kim Hyun-bin, Arirang News, Pohang."
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