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Korean scientists develop patch that can monitor, store data and deliver drugs Updated: 2014-03-31 21:57:36 KST

It looks like a simple band-aid that can be easily applied to a patient's skin.
But it is much more complex than that.
Thanks to nano-technology, this flexible plaster can monitor patients' muscle activity, and store information on their movements.
After analyzing the data, it finally delivers the drugs via the skin.

"This technology is important as it has established a systemic connection, from monitoring and storing medical information like a patient's movements, to delivering drugs after analyzing the data."

As this thin, adhesive plaster can be stretched to allow for a patient's movements, the patch could be a significant breakthrough in the treatment of movement-disorder diseases, like Parkinson's.

"Temperature sensors or other bio sensors can easily be added onto this on-the-skin device. It can also be used for multi-functional purposes in the prevention and treatment of diseases, by effectively monitoring patients' conditions and delivering drugs in response to the data."

The team also say the patch could be very useful for tele-medicine,if attached with wireless communication technology.
The study was published in the most recent edition of the scientific journal 'Nature Nanotechnology.'
Park Ji-won, Arirang News.
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