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President Park on 4-day state visit to Germany Updated: 2014-03-26 19:54:26 KST

President Park on 4-day state visit to Germany
We begin this evening in Berlin where President Park Geun-hye is on her state visit.
During her four-day stay she is expected to lay out her reunification policies with hopes of learning from the German unification experience.
For thet latest on her trip we connect live to our presidential office correspondent Choi You-sun who is traveling with the president.
You-sun what is the Korean leader doing now?

President Park is currently at a luncheon with German President Joachim Gauck .
About an hour ago, she received a warm welcome in an official ceremony at the presidential palace.
Later in the day, President Park will visit the Brandenburg Gate, a landmark in Berlin symbolic of German unification, and meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
The two leaders will focus their talks on boosting economic ties and the Korean president will seek German cooperation on her reunification policies.
And if you look at President Park's itinerary in Germany, you can see that reunification is the main theme of this visit.
On Thursday here, she will meet with former German officials who played leading roles in German unification and ask for their advice.
The following day, the president is scheduled to speak at a university in Dresden, where she is widely expected to lay out details of her reunification policy.

And what did she have to say about her vision of a unified Korea and North Korea policy with a local broadcaster?

Earlier on Wednesday, German broadcaster ARD aired its recent interview with President Park.
Saying that she is open for constructive talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, President Park said when she does meet Kim, she plans to tell him that economic and nuclear development cannot co-exist and that Seoul is ready to help the North Korean people.
When asked about her recently pledged reunification preparatory committee, President Park said there should be more exchanges between the South and the North to narrow social and cultural differences, and public consensus formed in the South on preparing for reunification.

Before we let you go, You-sun tell us a bit about President Park's meeting with her U.S. and Japanese counterparts in The Hague before her arrival in Germany.

Calling the North Korean nuclear issue a major security threat in the region, President Park said the three countries, along with the international community should fashion a united response.
Reaffirming that they will not engage in talks with the North unless it shows sincerity about giving up nuclear arms, the three leaders agreed that their chief envoys to the six-nation talks aimed at denuclearizing the North will meet in the near future.
As expected, the most contentious issues, such as Japan's denials of its colonial-era atrocities and its claims to Korea-controlled Dokdo Island, were not brought up Tuesday.

Alright You-sun, thank-you for that.
That was our presidential office correspondent Choi You-sun reporting from Berlin.
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