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Malaysian authorities identify suspicious passenger amid ongoing search efforts for missing plane Updated: 2014-03-11 11:53:53 KST

Malaysian authorities said Monday they had identified one of the two suspicious passengers of the missing airliner.
Interpol earlier confirmed at least two passengers on-board had been traveling on fake passports from Austria and Italy.
Police inspector Khalid Abu Bakar reportedly confirmed that the suspect is not a Malaysian, but could not divulge which country he was from yet.

Meanwhile, China has lashed out at Malaysia's national carrier and aviation officials for the way it's handled the investigation of the Boeing triple-7 that disappeared over the East China Sea.
Chinese state-media has criticized Malaysian authorities for not contacting the families of the victims sooner and for the apparent lack of security checks.
Beijing's foreign ministry has also urged Malaysia to step up its search efforts for the missing airliner and the two-hundred-thirty-nine passengers on board .

"This was a Malaysia Airlines aircraft, so it should be the Malaysian authorities that are mainly responsible for the search and rescue efforts. The Chinese government will also do all it can to participate in search and rescue efforts."

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur on Saturday but vanished from radar en route to Beijing.
There have been sightings of oil slicks and reported pieces of debris, but international efforts have failed to find the wreckage even after three days of scouring the sea.
As of Monday, 40 ships and 34 planes from nine countries had joined the operations, with the search now expanded to the Malacca Strait and on land in Malaysia.

Paul Yi, Arirang News

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