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Freighter, oil tanker collision causes massive oil spill off Busan Updated: 2014-02-17 22:25:04 KST

Two-hundred-thirty-seven-thousand liters, that's how much oil officials say gushed into the sea after a Liberian-registered freighter collided with an oil tanker on Saturday.
The amount of oil spilled is over 70-thousand liters more than during another oil spill in Yeosu last month.
Over the weekend, the Coast Guard managed to place a 5-hundred-meter-long oil fence around the main spill to try and contain it and chemical dispersants are being sprayed onto it.
The police said they succeeded in sealing off the hole in the vessel three hours after the collision.
The only positive news thus far is that no oil has been found near the seashore yet, and no cases of contamination damage have been reported.
There are, however, concerns fish farms about five kilometers from the spill could become contaminated.
The maritime police say it'll take about four days of clean-up work to prevent any secondary damage.

"We have 70 vessels deployed to contain the spill, including response vessels. The clean-up work is expected to take a few more days."

The Korea Coast Guard suspects poor weather conditions and high waves to be the main cause of the crash, but the maritime police say they'll launch a probe to determine the exact cause of the accident as soon as the clean-up work is finished.
Kim Hyun-bin, Arirang News.
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