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Movement to designate February 14 'Ahn Jung-geun Day' Updated: 2014-02-14 21:54:09 KST

Movement to designate February 14 'Ahn Jung-geun Day'
February 14th may be an important date to remember for couples to exchange chocolates and cards.
However, a growing number of Koreans are calling for it to also be remembered as the day independence fighter Ahn Jung-geun was sentenced to death during Japan's colonization of Korea.
Ahn was executed for assassinating Hirobumi Ito, a four-time prime minister of Japan and the former resident-general of Korea in the Chinese city of Harbin in October 1909.
Efforts to commemorate Ahn's death are being made offline and online.
The Gyeonggi-do Provincial office of Education has placed poster of Ahn's famous left hand print in newspapers informing people of the historical significance of February 14th.
The image shows Ahn's hand print with a half-cut ring finger.
Ahn cut his finger off to show his determination to make Korea an independent country.
Koreans have also been taking to Facebook and Twitter to post comments raising awareness of the day.
Ahn is a highly respected figure not only in Korea but also in China.
A memorial hall honoring Ahn opened in January in Harbin, the city where Ahn shot down Ito.
Hailed as a hero in Korea and China, Ahn is less well remembered in Japan.
Responding to news of the memorial hall, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga called Ahn a terrorist and expressed "deep regret" about Beijing's decision to approve the opening of the memorial hall.
Connie Kim, Arirang News.
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