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Heavy snow slams Korea's east coast regions, Tokyo hit by biggest amount in 45 years Updated: 2014-02-10 10:03:36 KST

Heavy snow slams Korea's east coast regions, Tokyo hit by biggest amount in 45 years
Silent, but enormous.
Over one meter of snow has piled up over the last five days in parts of Korea's eastern coastal regions.
Currently there are heavy snow advisories and warnings in effect in most coastal areas of Gangwon-do and Gyeongsangbuk-do Provinces, and also in parts of Gyeongsangnam-do Province further south.
So far, the biggest accumulation has been recorded in Gangwon Province's Jinburyeong and Misiryeong which both received around 1-hundred-10 centimeters and over 100 centimeters has fallen in Gangneung.
The snow has caused widespread damage and inconvenience to local residents.
Mountainous areas have been blocked off, and traffic is being restricted.
More than 40 schools will be closed on Monday, while around a dozen have postponed entrance and graduation ceremonies.
Numerous facilities, especially greenhouses, have collapsed under the sheer weight of the snow.

"The tomatoes have all gone bad. Even if new tomatoes sprout in this cold, it will be impossible to restore the greenhouse and get them growing as before."

While residents are busy shoving snow off their cars and homes, government officials, police, and the military are helping out in the affected regions.
Korea isn't the only country in the region under a thick blanket of snow.
A snowstorm hit Japan over the weekend, resulting in 11 deaths in eight regions, most related in vehicle accidents.
Well over one thousand people were injured.
The first heavy snow warning in 13 years was issued in Tokyo, as 27 centimeters accumulated the most in almost half a century.
Public transportation services were paralyzed, including at Tokyo's Haneda Airport, where along with the snow, gusty winds blew at up to 75 kilometers an hour.
As the low pressure system is expected to move away from Japan, Korea's eastern coastal regions are forecast to see more snow throughout the week.
Kwon So-a, Arirang News.
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