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Korean government lays out measures to boost female participation in labor force Updated: 2014-02-05 06:28:08 KST

Thirty-one-year-old Han Ji-hee quit her job as a video editor seven months ago when she gave birth to her son Tae-min.
Han says it was impossible to raise her newborn and hold a full-time job.

"I didn't want to quit my job, but I had no choice. There was no one to help me raise the baby and I felt uneasy about putting him in a daycare center."

Han is not alone.
Working moms in Korea face numerous obstacles at work that force many to quit.
They include a lack of childcare services amid a male-dominated business culture, and to tackle them, the government unveiled a comprehensive plan on Tuesday aimed at making the nation's female workforce a new growth engine.

"The best policy alternative when birth rates are low and the population is aging is higher female participation in the labor force. An OECD report also shows that Korea would add one percentage point to growth annually if it had equal gender employment."

Programs to support female workers were drawn up to line up with women's life cycles.
They include increasing subsidies for parents on childcare leave, encouraging flexible working hours, expanding the number of public nursuries and improving vocational training to make it easier for women to return to their careers.
The government also plans to operate and support a pool of substitute workers that can fill in gaps at companies created by workers going on parental leave.
However, further support for small- and medium-sized businesses is needed.

"Large companies will be able to follow the government plans, but SMEs with small workforces will face difficulties in finding substitute workers."

Korea's female employment rate sits at just 54 percent, much lower than the OECD average of 65 percent.
The government believes that boosting the female employment rate is a crucial factor in achieving its ambitious goal of raising the overall employment rate to 70 percent.
Hwang Ji-hye, Arirang News.


artofwar (Korea) 2014-02-06 23:25:45 KST    

I didn't know that you left another comments here.

Well..I have my own certain way for listening studying that I created.

But it is hard to explain all because it's too many..;;

Anyway, the best way is 'dictation' and your own 'willingness'.

No one can deny the importance of stuyding english but the matter is..

they don't take action. Just do it everyday. Success comes from consistensy.

You will see that your ability of English will be enhanced a lot without

realization. Trust me and your self. Believe the power of continuity.

Good luck.

wonjaekim (Korea) 2014-02-05 13:28:46 KST    

Artofwar, thanks a lot. And may I ask you one question about your listening study-method? How do you use these articles for your listening study? Are you directly listen these article several times, write down on paper and complete the whole article? Or Anything else you do something special? I think your writhing and setences are so perfect that I want to advise you about studying.

artofwar (Korea) 2014-02-05 10:44:41 KST    

Wonjaekm, good to know that there is another person who has the same idea as mine. Here is the script that I did dictation for the above article. I missed some parts but it is almost the same as what reporter said. Hope it is helpful for your studying.
They have to be a super women to continue their career after getting married and having children, child care, house work are still seen as women's responsibility.
But help is handed for women who wants to juggle the career and their home life thanks to its recent new government measures.
Hwang jie hye has the details.

The korean government has unveiled the comprehensive plan aimed that making the nation's female workforce a new growth engine.
Related ministry says to help ease the chronic problem of women giving up their careers after giving birth, new measures will be rolled out to allow their husband to share the burden of raising their family. The government also plans to operate and support the pool of substitute workers that can be inserted to companies under staffs due to workers going on paternal leave and it will also expand a number of public nursuries.

The government has also pledged to provide various vocational programs for women to make it easier for them to return to their careers. This comes as korea's female employment rates sits at just 54%, much lower than the OECD average of 65%

The government believes that boosting the female employment rate is a crucial factor in achieving its ambitious goal of raising the overall employment rate to 70%.

It added higher female participation in the labor forces is also essential way to raise the country's potential economic growth.

The government will carry on with its plans during its weekly economy related minister's meeting..

It will also make female employment, the one of the main agenda of its three year economic innovation plan.

wonjaekim (Korea) 2014-02-05 09:49:41 KST    

I agree with artofwar. I also study my english listening skill with this Arirang broadcasting system. Sometimes, article is different from announcer's ment. But I'm very glad to study my english to use this. Thanks for all the people who are working in Arirang broadcasting system and good luck to them!!

artofwar (Korea) 2014-02-05 09:20:53 KST    

I everyday watch arirang News to use it as my english studying material especially for listening comprehension. Feel blessed having such a wonderful english broadcasting system in Korea. By the way, one thing that I'm wondering is how come the script is so different from what movie clip says..?
I dictate whole on what reporters deliver and I feel really frustrated after realizing that the original script is in difference with movie clip..Because I can't check whether what I jot down is correct or not..
I know it is quite hard to have 100% perfectly same script dealing with the same news several times in 24 hours,
But in this case, it is too much..!!
Thanks for the hard work all you have been going through.

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