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TUE, 2015-07-28 KST

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Japan expresses regret over 'comfort women' art exhibition in France Updated: 2014-02-03 08:30:37 KST

Japan is failing to impart its questionable historical agenda on other parts of the world too.
The Japanese government has expressed its regret over a Korean exhibition at an international comic book festival in France that features the stories of Asian women forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military during World War 2.
Japan's ambassador to France Yoichi Suzuki said over the weekend that the exhibit promotes a mistaken point of view that complicates relations between Korea and Japan.
Over in the U.S., congressman Ed Royce visited a memorial last Friday for the so-called 'comfort women' in Glendale, California.
As the first U.S. congressman to pay respects at the memorial, Royce said the war crimes committed by Japan are part of history that should be taught in U.S. schools.
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jamawns (USA) 2014-02-07 14:08:27 KST    

According to Park Yu-ha, professor of Sejong University in Seoul, Most of such crimes had been mainly implemented by Korean merchants, and Koreans seem to have attempted to blind such crimes by transferring into anti-Japan racism.
Book and article about Park Yu-ha, professor of Sejong University in Seoul

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