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Japan will edit school text manual to claim Korea illegally occupies Dokdo Island Updated: 2014-01-28 06:28:42 KST

Japan will edit school text manual to claim Korea illegally occupies Dokdo Island
In a move sure to ignite diplomatic tensions between South Korea and Japan, the Japanese government is set to announce fresh claims to Korea's Dokdo Island on this Tuesday.
Japan's Kyodo News says Tokyo will lay out the final, revised guidelines for middle and high school textbooks which include claims to Korea's easternmost island.
The guidelines will also accuse Korea of illegally occupying Dokdo.
The manuals are often used as reference materials for new editions of school textbooks.
Seoul's foreign ministry has long condemned the move saying Tokyo must drop its unjustified claims.

jamawns (USA) 2014-02-03 14:46:49 KST    

Why doesn't Korea bring the issue with Japan to International Court of Justice?

Japan always addresses the message 'Japan follows international law.
Any dispute must be settled based on International law'.

Why does Korea always escape from International law, make excuses, and create political issues with military power?
Of course, not only Korea but also Japan should face on international law, shouldn't they?

Japan is preparing for bring the issue to ICJ even by itself to settle the hostile state among both citizens, because as long as this issue remains, each citizen unnecessarily has to have something ethnic hating emotion without reasons brought by brainwash of Korean forged education system with racism against Japan.

Every country has its own history.
As long as Korea believes its justice and the justice is right,
International Court of Justice will strictly choose Korea.

Is there any reason that Korea is afraid of International Court of Justice?

Followings are the tips of evidences saying the island belonging to Japan in view point of the U.S.

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