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China, Korea slam Abe for defending visit to war shrine Updated: 2014-01-24 14:38:08 KST

China, Korea slam Abe for defending visit to war shrine
China has lashed back at the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, a day after he likened his nation's relationship with China to that of Germany and Britain before World War One.

"The Japanese leader's memories of history cannot be misplaced. It would be better to face up to what Japan did to China before the war and in recent history than to say things about pre-World War One British-German relations."

Gang went on to say Japan needs to come to terms with its militaristic history of invasions and colonizations.
Only then, he said, would Tokyo improve its relations with neighboring Asian countries.
Both Seoul and Beijing also had something to say about Abe once again defending his visit to the controversial Yasukuni war shrine, which honors several Class-A war criminals.
The Chinese spokesperson called those Class-A war criminals the "Nazis" of Asia.
Seoul's foreign ministry spokesperson Cho Tai-young took a somewhat softer stance.
He said that paying respects at the Yasukuni shrine is evidence that Japan has not repented for its imperialist past, and that the continued visits to the shrine are simply incomprehensible.
Cho added that his is the voice of not just Koreans but the media, intellectuals and sensibile people in Northeast Asia and the world.
Tensions have long been high between the three Asian countries due to territorial and historical disputes, but took a turn for the worse when Abe visited the war shrine in December.
Yoo Li-an, Arirang News.

China's foreign minister has also waded in on the issue.
On his ministry's website, Wang Yi said Prime Minister Abe's defense for visits to the Yasukuni shrine merely serves to show that his understanding of history goes against the conscience of mankind and international duties.

jamawns (USA) 2014-01-29 00:30:30 KST    

China consists of one-party rule, inflicts cruel and inhuman treatments on opponents such as Falún Gong and 64 Tiananmen massacres, plans and implements ethnic cleansing such as in Tibet, Uyghur, and so on.
My dictionary says such behaviors are so called “Fascism”.
Mao Zedong is the much more murder than Adolf Hitler.
Decorating Mao’s Picture on Tiananmen gate is the same as Hitler’s on Brandenburger Tor gate.
This is easy example for you to image whole picture.

jamawns (USA) 2014-01-29 00:24:19 KST    

A-class war criminals in Japan stood against Nazis German `Crime` meaning ethnic erasing or genocide,
even though Japan and Nazis German were the axis against the united ally, with Shinto and Bushido backgrounds.

Hideki Tojo,
executed in a dishonorable form as an A-class war criminal,
ordered to moderately save Jewish refugees escaping to Manchuria, and rejected the protest from Nazis Germany.

Yousuke Matsuoka,
executed in a dishonorable form as an A-class war criminal,
arranged trains for the Jewish refugees in front of death from cold,
and arranged facilities for the Jewish refugees who came to Kobe.

Sadao Araki,
executed in a dishonorable form as an A-class war criminal,
refused the request from Nazis Germany
asking to banish a Jewish Japan resident teacher,
when minister of Education showing disagreement against ethnic discrimination,

Shigetoku Tojo,
executed in a dishonorable form as an A-class war criminal,
rescued an exile Jewish doctor's fiancé.
The doctor who felt indebted became a family doctor of Tojo, and died in Japan.

Hirotake Hirota,
executed in a dishonorable form as an A-class war criminal,
respected by Chiune Sugihara issuing Visas for Life to Jewish,
became a guarantor of an exile Jewish musician.

Seishiro Itagaki
executed in a dishonorable form as an A-class war criminal,
claimed that Jewish should also be treated impartially
in a five minister meeting among Prime, Army, Navy, Finance, and Foreign Affairs.
As a result, it became a national policy of Japan to treat Jewish impartially.

An independent country stood. In 1938, when officers in Manchuria,
HIDEKI TOJO with Kiichiro Higuchi and Norihiro Yasue saved 20,000 Jewish Refugees.
(You can find the two follower's name on 'Golden Book' or Golden Monument in Jerusalem).
They said and followed the word
'Manchuria is an independent country.
Manchuria is not a dependency to Japan.
Japan is not a dependency to Nazis Germany.'

The papal Mass in St. Peter’s, VATICAN, for 1618 victims of A-class, B/C-class Japanese war criminals on 22 May, 1980.
All 1618 Buddhism Mortuary tablets including Hideki Tojo's name are NOW there.

hongkiejj (Malaysia) 2014-01-25 15:28:04 KST    

abe visit to glorify those war criminals @ys has not gone down well for us in Malaysia too. the pain inflicted were so obvious on my relatives. their stories are just too much to bear I suppose. doing nothing or not saying anything at all is morally wrong.

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