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Acid snow through tomorrow morning Updated: 2014-01-20 17:51:13 KST

Acid snow through tomorrow morning
Let's go over to our Kim Bo-gyung at the weather center for a checkup. Bo-gyung, it has been a dark day here in Seoul, with snow falling from time to time.

That's right, Ji-hae. Please be sure to have an umbrella with you, as the snow that's falling in the central regions right now is acid snow, which is a mixture of snow and yellow dust.

Taking a look at the current conditions. The nation is under the influence of a low pressure trough from the North, which is why we're seeing cloudy skies, with snow.

The central regions and the mountains of Jeju may see up to 5 centimeters of snow. This round of precipitation should mostly come to a stop by tomorrow morning. However, the snow will pile up in the meantime, so if possible, it is recommended that you use public transportation tomorrow morning.

Taking a look at tomorrow's numbers. Tomorrow, morning lows will drop about 5 degrees compared to today. Seoul starts off the day at minus-7 degrees, with a high of 0. Meanwhile Gwangju and Busan hit 1 and 5 degrees, respectively.

Moving on to other regions. Jeju and Dokdo peak at 3 degrees, while Mt. Geumgang makes it to minus-4.

That's all for Korea, and let's take a look at the international weather
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