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TUE, 2015-08-04 KST

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Ahn Jung-geun memorial opens in China Updated: 2014-01-20 03:22:59 KST

A memorial hall to honor famous Korean patriot Ahn Jung-geun has opened in the northeastern Chinese city of Harbin.
Harbin railway station is where, in 1909, Ahn shot and killed Ito Hirobumi, who had served as the prime minister of Japan four times before becoming resident-general of Korea in 1905.
Ahn was arrested at the scene of shooting and secretly executed in March 1910 by the Japanese government.
The memorial hall consists of exhibition rooms telling the story of Ahn's life, and shows the exact spot where the shooting took place.
Ahn devoted himself to the education of the Korean people and later joined armed resistance in northeast China and Russia.
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