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Arts & Culture: Part 2 - Korean movie 'The Attorney' set for North American release Updated: 2014-01-13 12:07:19 KST

Arts & Culture: Part 2 - Korean movie 'The Attorney' set for North American release
It seems that the concert scene is starting off strong this year with big-name musicians from around the world.

That's right, Conn-young, and the big names don't stop there.
Bruno Mars is also set to perform in Seoul later this year, and I'll be bringing you to date on all the details as we approach the concert date.

Sounds good. I'm sure everybody will be looking forward to that.
And today you also have news about a very popular Korean film that is set to open in the United States?

That's right. The film is running in theaters across Korea right now -- and I should really say it's booming, because it is doing so fantastically well.
But now, the producers have their sights set on the North American market as well. Let's take a look.

Just a few days shy of the one-month anniversary of its premiere, the film "The Attorney" has already eclipsed the 9-million viewer mark here in Korea
and is set to hit the all-important blockbuster viewership number of 10 million later this week.
This is familiar territory for the lead actor Song Kang-ho, who last year had two films hit the 9-million mark, but just weren't able to achieve double-digit status.
But with the film still going strong at theaters nationwide, the 10-million mark should come easy this time around.
Meanwhile, the film's popularity here in Korea has caught the attention of the North American market as well.
Entertainment distribution company Wellgo USA has acquired the distribution rights to the film, and it is set to open on February 7th in 14 major cities across North America, including LA and New York in the United States and Vancouver in Canada.

Impressive figures, and it seems that Korean movies, whether they have been successful or not here in Korea, have been attracting the attention of distribution companies from abroad.

That's right. Now, I mentioned last week in a report that the Korean movie "The Suspect" also opened in North America, and I think if we continue to see Korean films do well here, they will receive bigger and bigger openings in North America, in more and more theaters.

Well, that would certainly be good news for the Korean film industry, which certainly seems to be on the rise both here and abroad.

And I think this is just the tip of the iceberg.
I actually think we'll see either one or two movies eclipsing "The Attorney" this year, and we'll see the record for total viewership, which was set in 2013, coming close to or being broken again this year.

Alright. Well, thank you, Tae Ho, for that report and we'll see you again tomorrow.

Okay, have a good afternoon.
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