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THU, 2014-10-23  KST

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China takes Japanese PM's shrine visit to UN

Updated: 2014-01-10 04:28:45 (KST)
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China has taken its diplomatic row with Japan to the United Nations, questioning Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's distorted view on history after he visited a shrine commemorating several notorious war criminals.
China's UN envoy Liu Jieyi says Abe was siding with convicted war criminals over the UN by visiting the Yasukuni Shrine which he said whitewashes and glorifies Japan's wartime aggression.
Following talks with the visiting Japanese foreign and defense ministers in Paris, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said that Abe's visit, although a delicate issue, was to respect the Japanese that died during the war.
Abe's younger brother Nobuo Kishi will head to the U.S. next Monday to seek Washington's understanding of Abe's visit.

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