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Record cold freezes U.S., death toll rises to at least 20 Updated: 2014-01-08 16:28:27 KST

 Record cold freezes U.S., death toll rises to at least 20
A blast of arctic air has settled over much of the eastern United States.
In upstate New York, the cold is visible in the frozen roads and buildings covered in snow.
Washington DC, is also suffering from the abnormally low temperatures.

"It's not good. This is like the coldest we've had it in years and it's sad."

On Tuesday, the National Weather Service said that temperatures from the Midwest to the Southeast. were expected to be 14 to 19 degrees LOWER than average for this time of year.
Central Park in New York hit a record low of minus 16 degrees Celsius.
And usually mild Atlanta, Georgia, in the south reported its coldest temperature in 44 years at minus 14 degrees Celsius.

"We're not used to it at all, so we're not prepared "

The deep freeze grounded nearly 2-thousand U.S. flights on Tuesday and delayed more than a thousand others, according to one online airline activity site.
And three Amtrak trains that were heading into Chicago came to a halt, leaving more than 5-hundred passengers stranded overnight.

"When we were coming into Princeton, he said we were coming into a little delay. That delay lasted twelve-and-a-half hours That was no delay."

Since last week, at least 20 weather-related deaths have been attributed to the cold.
Outside of the U.S., western Europe has also been battling some of its worst storms in two decades.
Torrential rains and high winds have caused massive flooding and power outages this week.
Connie Lee, Arirang News.
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