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Jin-joo, you briefly mentioned the president's plan to prepare for reunification of the two Koreas.
She did put forth some specific steps she will take towards this goal.

Yes, that's right.
She has a three-step plan to prepare for a reunified Korea, and we could also say to build trust with the North.
Our Han Da-eun looks into the detailed steps of the mission she laid out today.

"I understand that some South Koreans don't believe reunification is absolutely necessary, as the financial costs would be great. But simply put, I think reunification would be a jackpot."

President Park Geun-hye, stressing that a reunification of the two Koreas would bring about enormous benefits to the nation, laid out a three-pronged plan to that end on Monday.
The first step, she said, is bringing peace to the peninsula.
In order to do that, she called on Seoul to maintain tight national security so that citizens can carry on with their daily lives without fear, and urged Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear program.

"Second, I plan to expand humanitarian aid to North Korea which, in turn, will also help make up the lost common ground between South and North Koreans."

President Park also mentioned the need to take good care of North Korean defectors living in the South, as they play an important role in ending the division of the two Koreas.
Third, the president said she will work to create a global consensus on the need for a reunified Korea.
Saying she had already discussed the matter frankly with the leaders of China and Russia, President Park plans to move forward with such efforts this year.
In regards to the seemingly unstable situation in the communist state, President Park said the government will prepare for any and all scenarios, as it's risky to make premature assumptions about the North's internal affairs.
President Park also stated that she's willing to hold summit talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at anytime, but only when the talks can bring about a substantial outcome in bringing peace to the peninsula.
Han Da-eun, Arirang News.

Now, on the domestic front, President Park denied rumors that there will be a Cabinet reshuffle in the near future.
The president also addressed the criticism that she hasn't been a good communicator during her first year in office, but many pundits and the opposition party were not satisfied with her response and say it shows that her concept of 'good communication' is very different from that of the general public's.

Thanks Jin-joo for that. That was Arirang News' presidential office correspondent Eoh Jin-joo, on President Park Geun-hye's New Year's address and press conference that took place earlier today.
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