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Teams seeking Yoon Seok-min in case of a u-turn

Updated: 2013-12-30 AM 6:29:03 (KST)
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And a good Monday morning to you all, as we kick things off in domestic baseball. Now shortly after Yoon Seok-min returned to Korea for the holidays few teams in the KBO thought maybe they have a shot at signing Yoon Seok-min.
And in case the righty does fail to sign with a Major League team the teams looking to sign him are the Kia Tigers the LG Twins the SK Wyverns and the Lotte Giants. While the Kia Tigers are the front runners in signing Yoon Seok-min the other three teams are looking for a pitcher who's capable of earning 10-plus wins. But according to the pitcher there's still a chance that he might sign with a Major League team.

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