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Talks on resolving rail strike fail to make much progress overnight

Updated: 2013-12-27 AM 6:31:35 (KST)
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Moving now to the nationwide rail strike now in its 19th day,
A working-level talks between the state-run railway operator and the railway union to resolve the strike failed to make much progress overnight.
In a press briefing Friday morning, KORAIL CEO Choi Yeon-hye said she regretted striking workers could not understand KORAIL's move to innovate and improve itself.
She added that KORAIL aims to foster internal competition by setting up a subsidiary to manage a new high-speed rail line out of Seoul, which is what sparked the strike on December 9th.
Choi asked striking workers to come back by midnight Friday adding that KORAIL will take disciplinary action on those not coming back.
In a separate press conference shortly after, railway union leader Kim Myung-hwan said all striking workers would return to work if the government stops the approval of a license for the new subsidiary.
Kim says the union is still open to talks and that dialogue is the only way to resolve the deadlock.

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