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Pyongyang calls on Seoul to choose between confrontation or trust

Updated: 2013-12-26 AM 10:27:34 (KST)
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North Korea has demanded South Korean President Park Geun-hye decide whether her policy toward the North is based on trust, which she says it is, or confrontation.
In a statement on Wednesday,.. Pyongyang's committee that handles inter-Korean affairs said the Park administration needs to choose whether it wants to continue on its path of confrontation and war, a policy that will only lead to self-destruction.
Seoul's Unification Ministry says the South Korean government does not feel the need to respond to each and every one of Pyongyang's "rude remarks" but did add Seoul plans on announcing its official stance on the matter later this Thursday.
President Park's so-called "trust-building" policy aims to thaw relations with Pyongyang by rebuilding trust.

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