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Government unveils plans to set up NSC committee and secretariat

Updated: 2013-12-20 PM 5:24:01 (KST)
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To better prepare for any possible scenario on the Korean peninsula in the wake of Jang Song-thaek's execution in North Korea, South Korea has decided to set up a standing committee and a secretariat of the National Security Council to make NSC security meetings a regular thing.
Chief presidential secretary for foreign affairs and security, Ju Chul-ki made the announcement at an emergency briefing just a few hours ago saying the NSC standing committee will be headed by National Security Chief Kim Jang-soo and will be in charge of reviewing the government's foreign affairs and security related policies once a week and devising measures to counter any pending concerns.
NSC meetings will also be convened any time the president thinks it's necessary.
The secretariat, meanwhile, will systematically support preparations and management of NSC or working-level committee meetings.

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