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Korea expects stable winter power supply

Updated: 2013-12-20 AM 10:16:32 (KST)
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The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy on Thursday, said the country's power reserves will hover around a safe level of five million kilowatts this winter, even when energy usage reaches its peak in the last week of January.
That's provided that three of the country's 23 nuclear reactors are back up and running again soon, after being shut down back in May for using cables with fake certificates.
Officials say the three will most likely begin operations again in the second half of next month.
But the government did warn that unseasonably cold weather and malfunctioning nuclear reactors could bring about a power shortage.
To keep energy usage at a safe level, it said it will offer a special rate cut of 30 percent on electricity consumed during the least busy hours, while the rate during peak hours may increase to four times the normal rate.
Companies and shopping districts have also been ordered to keep their thermostats below 18 degrees.
Yoo Li-an, Arirang News.

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