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Police raid Korea's railway union offices as nationwide strike enters 9th day

Updated: 2013-12-17 (KST)
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Police raided the railway union head office near Seoul's Yongsan train station Tuesday morning.
Officers took away documents as well as computer hardwares related to the ongoing strike.
Around 1-hundred-50 police officers were deployed in case of possible resistance, but they weren't met with any.
On Monday evening, arrest warrants for 10 executive members of the nation's railway union were issued.

The rail strike that started over one week ago has now begun to have a direct effect on commuters in the capital city.
The Korea Railroad Corporation, or KORAIL, reduced operations of subway line three in Seoul by 15 percent on Monday.
The line is operated by both KORAIL and Seoul Metro.
The union members of Seoul Metro lines one through four are scheduled to join the strike starting Wednesday.

"Along with the metero services, KORAIL has also said it will reduce the number of KTX passenger trains by 12 percent starting Tuesday indicating more inconveniences on both the coming days."

And with the lack of trained personnel working on-site due to the walkout a series of safety accidents continue to occur, including one that killed an 84-year old passenger on Sunday.
Striking workers are demanding the government reverse its plans to set up a new rail operator, which they claim is a first step toward privatization.
The government and police call it an "illegal strike," and say they will follow the letter of the law in dealing with it.
Shin Se-min, Arirang News.

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