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Lawmakers rush to pass dozens of bills on final regular parliamentary session day

Updated: 2013-12-11 (KST)
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The National Assembly passed 37 bills on its very last plenary meeting of the annual regular session.
The bills include, several related to boosting the nation's real estate market, and several others that aim to bring about the vision of "cultural enrichment," one of key national goals set by President Park Geun-hye.
Those include a basic law on culture, and a revised copyright law.
Revised bills on the sustainable development of Dokdo and the management of livestock products also passed the assembly.
Remaining bills will be dealt with at the legislature's provisional sessions, beginning this Wednesday until January 3rd next year.
Today's passing of 37 bills was possible, as the floor leaders of both parties met and agreed on Tuesday afternoon, to go ahead with parliamentary schedules as planned, despite a disruption earlier in the day.
The budget settlement committee, and a special committee set up to reform the nation's spy agency, were supposed to meet Tuesday morning.
But one meeting was cut short, while the other was canceled over remarks by two Democratic Party lawmakers against President Park Geun-hye.
DP lawmaker Chang Ha-na, referring to allegations that the National Intelligence Service meddled in last year's presidential election, called the election a fraud.
She demanded that President Park step down and called for a fresh election.
Another DP lawmaker, Yang Seung-jo, said that should President Park refuse to listen to the people, she could meet the same fate as her father, the late President Park Chung-hee who was assassinated.
The National Assembly has been deadlocked for the vast majority of its 100-day regular session that started at the beginning of September.
Not a single bill had been passed before the 37 gained approval on Tuesday.
Park Ji-won, Arirang News.

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