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Ukraine leader calls for talks with protesters

Updated: 2013-12-10 (KST)
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Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich has said that he supports calls for talks with the opposition to work out a compromise, after hundreds of thousands of protesters flooded the streets of Kiev protesting against the president and his plans for closer ties with Russia.
The president's call came as police began moving against protesters in central Kiev, and dismantling protest camps set up in front of government buildings.
Heavily armed riot police also stormed the offices of Ukraine's main opposition Fatherland Party.
The leader of the party is known to one of the main organizers of the pro-EU protest movement, which has intensified in recent days.
With the unrest showing no signs of abating, the European Commission says EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton will visit Kiev in the coming days to try and find a way of defusing the crisis.

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