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Korean military to deploy reconstruction team to the Philippines

Updated: 2013-12-10 (KST)
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Typhoon Haiyan was one of the strongest typhoons on record and when it hit the Philippines on November 8th, it left more than 5 thousand people dead, thousands more injured and more than four million displaced, though estimates of the damage vary.
The international community has responded with millions of dollars in aid to the country and Korea is now expanding its contribution to the relief effort.
The Korean military is dispatching a relief team to the Philippines with over 500 military and civilian personnel, including engineers, medics and communications experts.
Before their departure later this month, a ceremony in the team's honor was held at the International Peace Corporation in Incheon on Monday afternoon.

"We will do our best as Medical Corps officers to give our best medical support to the Filipino people who are still suffering."

"The Philippines has suffered great damage from the typhoon and we, the Marine Corps, will do our best to guard and restore the region."

The Korean relief team will be based in Tacloban, the city hardest hit by the typhoon, through the end of next year.

"This deployment will be Korea's eighth active mission to a country in desperate need of aid and reconstruction. This batch of personnel will help the hardest-hit areas get back on their feet and provide free medical care to those in need.
Kim Hyun-bin, Arirang News, Incheon."

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